Mobile Application Development

Our Native Application Development and Cross Platform Development services utilize agile development processes to deliver mobile apps that are optimized for speed & performance and deliver immersive mobile experiences while reducing the time to market.

We have the expertise to build mobile applications that provide superior functionality and captivating user experiences. Our developers and designers join hands to ensure each mobile application is crafted to high standards of design and performance. We support all major mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows and Mobile web including HTML5. Each Mobile App requirement is carefully analyzed and recommendations that align to the customer needs are provided to ensure we come out with a successful and useful product.

Native Application Development:

For performance critical mobile applications, we can design and develop Native apps specific to a particular mobile operating system, like iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, etc. These apps are designed to harness the functionality and capabilities of the underlying mobile platform and as a result are faster and more feature rich. User Experience (UX) is key to a successful product and we consider that as top priority while developing native applications.
Mobile Application Development

Cross Platform Mobile Application Development:

We have the capabilities to design and develop Cross Platform mobile applications that work across a wide range of mobile devices and operating systems. These apps are designed to offer a high quality user experience and functionality on multiple platforms and devices. Time to market and maintenance costs will be lower while the mobile app can be potentially accessed by a much larger user base as it is not limited to any single mobile operating system.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) Development Solution:

Nowadays, businesses are run on mobile phones. It became possible with the proliferating number of devices selling at an exponential rate. With the enterprises’ continuous dependency on mobile devices to operate important tasks, the risks surrounding such usage also became high. These risks are associated with employee owned devices, which regularly access corporate data, and confidential information gets exchanged and stored in such mobile devices, posing a potential threat to business security.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) gives businesses the ability to manage large scale deployments of iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone 8 devices.These capabilities in MDM give IT departments the ability to securely enroll devices in an enterprise environment, wirelessly configure and update settings, monitor compliance with corporate policies, and remotely wipe or lock managed devices.

Our developer teas strives hard to provide the overall services which deal effectively with the challenges accompanying mobile devices. These services include a comprehensive range of solutions which never compromise with the security of a business tool, in this case, a mobile device.

Our mobile device management solutions have the ability to introduce mobile devices in an enterprise domain, and also configure and update its settings over the air. Furthermore, our solutions also ensure an utmost secure mobile access to corporate resources for users.

Nonetheless, we cover our services for almost every mobile operating system, including that of Android, Apple iOS, Windows Phone 8.

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