Embedded Systems Development

Our strength is based on our experts in-depth expertise in embedded software/firmware development and porting services for Automotive ECU, AUTOSAR, Smart home automation, Machine Vision, Remote sensor networks.

Our services in software development and embedded systems range from feasibility studies and consulting services to comprehensive product development projects from the idea to a production-ready product including testing and quality assurance. Our team is very good in C programming, knows well about software architecture concepts, hardware driver, RTOS, event-driven systems (embedded systems are reactive by nature), MISRA-C rules, AUTOSAR specifications and modeling (UML), could be able to implement various requirements of embedded software or firmware.

AUTOSAR Development Services:

We have many experiences in development of MCAL source code and Flashing or reprogramming firmware
  • MCAL development
    • MCAL layer:
      • I/O Layer: PORT, DIO, ADC, PWM, ICU, OCU
      • Communication Driver: CAN, SPI
      • Memory Driver: FLS
      • Micro-controller Driver: MCU, WDG, GPT
    • Logging: DET, DEM
    • Library: CRC, Crypto
    • Service: CSM
    • AUTOSAR revision: 4.0.3, 4.2.2
    • Applied functional safety (ISO26262)
    • Supported controllers
      • ARM-Cortex M3
      • ARM-Cortex R4F
    • Supported compilers: ICCARM, ARMCC (IAR, Keil, etc.)
    • Configuration and generation tool
      • Artop
      • TOPPER
  • Flashing or reprogramming firmware
    • OTA
    • Security (HASH, MAC, RSA, etc)
    • Functional safety
    • AUTOSAR OS (Toppers atk, etc)
    • COM stack (CAN)
  • Autosar Methodology
    • Configure system
    • ECU Configuration (SWC, RTE, BSW)

ARM-mbed Development Services:

We have experiences in porting CMSIS-DAP Interface Firmware, HAL.
  • mbed platform
    • mbed SDK
    • mbed HDK
    • Compiler: ARMCC
  • Real-time Operating System: mbed RTOS
  • Interface Firmware: CMSIS-DAP

Our Partners

  • Mbase Japan - 有限会社エムベース
  • M&Cホールディングス株式会社
  • MBase Vietnam Limited
  • Fujigo Software Solutions - Go Forefront